About Us

Sean Williams, Owner

Strategist. Teacher. Speaker. Author.

Communication AMMO, Inc. is the creation of Sean Williams. He established the company in 2009 to help companies with communication strategy, internal communication research and public relations measurement and evaluation. Williams has a straightforward operating philosophy: research first, plan effectively, set measureable objectives and perform ongoing measurement.

Williams taps the strength of talented communication professionals when his clients’ needs warrant additional specialties. Our clients will always get a team of seasoned professionals who have relevant, senior-level experience. See our list of affiliate partners for a sample. 

Founder and CEO Sean Williams brings more than 20 years of experience as a leader in corporate communications including public relations, internal communication, research, measurement, coaching and training. He is well known for his simple, intuitive approach and his focus on research and measurement as integral parts of making communications more effective. 

Williams has held executive communication posts at National City Bank, KeyCorp and The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company. He has earned a solid reputation for his skills in public relations measurement and evaluation, comprehensive, research-based communication consulting, and intranet strategy. He also provides managerial communication training through the landmark Face2Face Communication Learning Program. (See full profile)

Sean Williams brings unusual insight to his client’s communications needs, a skill that comes from his ability to look at communications as both an art and a science. He has the uncanny ability to see around corners.

Williams convenes the right experts to meet your needs without the overhead of a full-time marketing staff.