Strategy, Digital, Measurement, Planning

Independent School Communications

Communication AMMO is helping independent schools to improve communication and marketing through its proprietary planning methodology, and a strong partnership with True Digital Communications, a digital marketing and advertising agency. 

We provide strategic communication and marketing planning and execution, including: 

  • Admission marketing and communications focusing on improved targeting on the full-pay market
  • Content marketing and social media strategy
  • Search engine optimization and marketing
  • Web user experience
  • Admission lead management
  • Senior administrator communication coaching
  • Internal communications


  1. Deeper prospect pool
  2. More full-pay prospects
  3. More effective "touch" strategy with prospects
  4. More inquiries, visits & applications
  5. More engaged staff and administration
  6. Better web and social media
  7. More effective foundation of communication and marketing strategy

Look above for links to several items of interest for independent schools, especially our boarding school case study.