Internal Communication

How well do your employees understand your organization and your industry? Do they know how their daily activities contribute to your growth plan?

Employees must understand your business objectives so they can take actions that support it. If not, it is nearly impossible for them to connect the dots to get the results you’re after. Turn your employees into conscious agents of your strategy.

The two most frequently missed elements in communication planning are internal communications—as a business competency, not a tactical execution—and measurement. Business intelligence isn’t always about competitors—many times, it’s about your own organization.

The effectiveness of any communication program depends on whether defined roles and expectations are clearly and frequently communicated throughout the organization. Every employee should identify with the company, contribute to its success and be aware of the benefits the company offers them.

“[Sean] is a senior strategist of the highest order who has a deep and thorough understanding of how communications can be leveraged within an organization to effect change.”

-Corporate communications executive, financial services company

“There’s a reason we called Sean “The Professor” [at National City]. He is so well-versed in effective internal communication, employee engagement and measurement; it was rare that anyone in corporate communications launched a campaign without getting his input and gaining his invaluable insight.”

-Corporate communications executive, financial services company