Measurement & Evaluation

What is the impact of your communication activity on business results? You may have a perfect communications plan, but what is its real value?

Measurement is critical for three reasons:

  1. You care about whether what you’re doing is working or not. You have objectives, and hopefully, they’re SMART—specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound. They have a benchmark, target and timeframe.
  2. You know you need to change. Your intuition may be flawless, but the days when PR/Communications leaders can say, “trust me” to the C-suite are over. Facts and data win the day.
  3. You need numbers to share with the numbers people in your company. Qualitative, quantitative, no matter. There are times when the people demand numbers. Measure to give them what they need.

Communication AMMO will work with you to measure and evaluate public relations to help guide your PR mainstream and social media programs. We will help with:

  • Media content analysis and metrics
  • PR measurement/evaluation to help guide your mainstream and social media programs.
  • Share of voice
  • Peer comparisons
  • Trends in overall coverage
  • Message presence/absence
  • Correlation of coverage to web traffic

Sean currently leads an international task force for the Institute for PR Measurement Commission to develop standards for measuring internal communications. He and several colleagues presented the initial findings at the International PR research Conference in 2016. Read a summary here. ​

“Sean’s work in PR measurement is legendary in PR circles and has led to tangible, positive results for both National City and GoodYear. In a field where it is not always easy to spot the ‘great’ from the merely ‘good’, Sean’s results-focused approach marks him out clearly as one of the ‘great’ communicators.”

- Corporate communications executive, financial services

“Sean’s abilities helped me challenge the status quo, and effectively communicate the opportunities I saw. With Sean’s guidance, I was able to measure the impact of the communication plan, and integrate it into our operating process.”

- Finance quality leader, global manufacturer