• Strategic Planning: Our proprietary corporate communications planning process is simple and direct as we focus on audience-based objectives.
  • Communication Training: Three simple, intuitive tools help your people communicate more effectively with everyone, across your organization, supervisors, managers and employees. 
  • Research: As the foundation of your effective communications strategy, research includes quantitative audits, qualitative assessments and individual skills evaluation.
  • Measurement: We look at content analysis, including mainstream and social media “share of discussion,” and conduct internal focus groups and polls.
  • Evaluation: We use research and measurement to compares performance against objectives, ROI and other essential business metrics.
  • Internal Communication: Make sure your leaders communicate effectively. Do your employees understand their role in achieving your business objectives? We’ll help you with change management, team building and employee engagement.
  • For Independent Schools: Increase full-pay prospects, improve targeting, enhance social media and develop highly effective communication strategy. From planning to execution, we have a track record of success.

Additional expertise in:

  • Intranet: Along with usability and editorial strategy, tools and automating manual processes are essential to an effective intranet.
  • Editorial Services: Writing and editing for the full scope of vehicles and business needs, including script writing for video or live performance.
  • Public Relations: Never mind chasing the most eyeballs, why not chase the right ones?
  • Social Media Strategy: Beware of snake oil. Social media may, or may not, belong in your plans.

Sean is amazing to work with! He has an uncanny ability to read into a situation, the culture and climate of a work group and work very effectively to support communications, but also help develop creative ways to work with people and messages to support the desired outcome.

-Supply chain leader, large manufacturer