Strategic Planning

You want to create long-term value for your target customers, investors and employees. You need a communication strategy that is tied to your core values and business objectives.

The AMMO process helps clarify your thinking and focus your communication efforts more sharply. It’s a tool that anyone can use for any communication situation, and non-communicators don’t need weeks of study to learn it.

Communication AMMO helps people and organizations make their communications more effective by getting them to think differently about Audiences, Messages, Methods and Objectives.

Communication Ammo will guide you through the strategic development process—we won’t just write your strategy. Specifically, we’ll help you with:

  • Integrated communication and measurement planning, and program execution
  • Research, analysis and evaluation
  • Reputation and issues management
  • Personal communication effectiveness coaching

“Sean has very sharp insight into people and situations and he can rapidly and crisply outline a plan of attack.”

- Global purchasing operations manager, Fortune 500 company

The smartest strategic plan is flexible plan, fueled by solid research. Just as research feeds the plan, results must be measured and tied back to the plan to make it sound. It’s an ongoing cycle, not a race to a finish line.